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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
9:08 am
day 17: 100 crunches (+3), 50 pushups (+3), binge (-5) = +1
day 18: binge = -5
day 19: water fast (+20), 200 crunches (+6), 50 pushups (+3) = +29

total: 124 points

how is everybody else doing?




Saturday, January 17th, 2009
8:13 am
day 13: under 1000 cals (+1), 100 crunches (+3), 100 lunges (+3), 50 pushups (+3) = +10
day 14: under 1000 cals = +1
day 15: under 500 cals (+5), 100 crunches (+3), 100 squats (+3), 50 pushups (+3) = +14
day 16: under 1000 cals (+1), 100 crunches (+3), 50 pushups (+3) = +7

total so far: 115 points


Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
8:37 pm
day two;
 under 250 (+10)
20 min cardio (+5)

plus yesterday, 39 all together;
Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
6:42 am
day one;
because i totally ruined everything i was going for at the beginning of this month;

under 500 [+5]
40 min cardio [+10]
-3 pounds [+9]

24 points for day one [yesterday] i guess that's okay? 
8:17 am
day 9: lost 2 lbs (+6), under 1000 cals (+1): +7
day 10: binge: -5
day 11: binge: -5
day 12: water fast: +20

total: 63 points

well,now that i'm well again, i'll hopefully catch up with the exercise! how are you all doing???

Friday, January 9th, 2009
1:37 pm
Days 6,7,&8
Hey everyone,
Day 6: Total of 18pts
Day 7: Total of 11pts
Day 8: Total of 18pts.
Totally been sucking lately but i going to better next week
11:21 am
day 6: under 1000 cals = +1
day 7: under 1000 cals(+1), 100 push-ups(+3), 100 squats(+3), 100 lunges(+3) = +10
day 8: under 500 cals = +5

total: 46 points

so i exercised a little, despite feeling sick. which was probably not such a good idea. i'm still sick, but at least i can get away with not having much appetite that way.

how is everyone else doing?

so far i'm really loving this challenge so much! it's such a neat idea!!!!!! it helps me feel organized and stay on track!

bye bye for now xxxx
Tuesday, January 6th, 2009
11:25 pm
day 3:
0 points

day 4:
under 1000 = 1
20 minutes cardio = 5

day 5:
under 750 = 2

day 6:
under 500 = 5
two pounds lost = 6

so, with days 1 and 2, that brings me to a total of 29 points... which means i am lame. but at least i am lame while being 2 pounds lighter.
6:29 am
Day 4 &5
Day 4:
      Under 750 cals: +2
      200 crunches: +6
      Cardio 20 min: +6
      Lost 1/2 lb: +1

Day 5:
      Under 500 cals: +5
      100 crunches: +3
       Cardio 40mins: +10
      Lost one lb: +3
      Workout Video(new ones posted): +10
                     Total: 31
7:19 am
heyy everyone
soo. i just got back to school, thankfully. i couldnt lose with my mother hanging over my shoulder and monitering my food intake. ive decided im going to wait for february's challenge since the first week of jan is almost over. but i wanted to wish everyone good luck this month, and may you lose many lbs!
10:14 am
hi girlies!
here's how i've been doing so far:

day 1: 0 points
day 2: under 500 cals, 40 min cardio = +15
day 3: 300 crunches, 100 pushups, binge = +10
day 4: binge = -5
day 5: under 250 cals = +10

total so far: 30 points

unfortunately i started feeling sick on sunday, so i don't know when i'll be able to exercise again.

i hope you're all doing well! <3<3<3
Saturday, January 3rd, 2009
6:52 pm
Day 2 & 3
Hey everyone,
Ok let's see....for day 2 i only totally 16 pts
                  Under 500 cals: 5
                  Didn't lose nor gain: 0
                  Cardio 20 mins: 5
                  200 cruches: 6

Day 3: Total 20
   Under 1000(i am a fucking pig today): 1
   Lost one pound: 3
   Cardio 40 mins: 10
   200 cruches: 6

I will do better tomorrow
stay strong ladies

Current Mood: aggravated
3:04 am
day 2 yay
500 kcal: 5
200 crunches: 6
200 reverse crunches: 6
50 squats: 1.5 (are we allowed to do that?)
lost 1/2 lb : 1.5 (again, are we allowed to do that?) lol

total for today: 20 woop woop

total so far: 22 (i did v bad yesterday)

okay so tomorrow is day 3 of this and abc, so i'm on 300, than god hubby is working tomorrow so won't notice the small amount of food. luckily sun is a 400, i can get away with that easily esp as we'll spend most of the day out shopping, i'll just say i ate b4 i left and am not hungry at all.

nite nite all

it's 3am here!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
10:13 am
Yesterday was a complete write-off, i did perfectly fine on a water fast till I made dinner for the family at about 6. My husband and I had a huge weird fight and it set the tone for the entire day. I cleaned the entire house and made dinner because I was feeling so crappy about myself and how much I suck and how bloody lazy I am, and then I ended up eating  it with him because I think he wanted me too. Then I felt awful about trying to starve in the first place because he has enough to worry about without me. The fight was so so weird, I freaked out about something that was so ridiculous. I ended up sitting in the shower while he tried to talk to me and figure stuff out, but I couldn't talk to him because I was so ashamed. Sometimes I just can't imagine why in the world he would even bother with me. I've loved him since I was 15, and he was the hottest thing in our town, I swear. It was a complete fluke that he ever asked me out. Sometimes I think I put on such a good show of being cool and funny and down to earth that I totally faked him out, and he's starting to realize it. I'm so irrational and pathetic....

Under 1000: +1 (just BARELY under 1000, bleehhhhhhh)
20 mins cardio: +5
no weight gain or loss: 0

So a total of six pathetic points. Sums up my life right now. Pathetic.

Current Mood: depressed
11:12 am
So far so good
So yesterday I did alright. Here's the breakdown:

Under 500 - +5 pts
200 crunches - +6 pts

Thats it. 11 pts. I didn't lose, but didn't gain...so I guess +/- 0. I was exhausted last night.

Not too bad but hopefully by tomorrow I'll be at around 25. Yay cardio! What kind of cardio do you ladies do at home? I was thinking of getting a tae-bo vid but wasn't sure.

How is everyone else doing?


Thursday, January 1st, 2009
8:01 pm

Under 750: +2
100 sit-ups: +3
50 push-ups: +3
Purge: -3

Aaah, I regret the spicy noodles. Oh well. No more beating myself up for weeks over one bad day, fuck that, it's a new year! I'll just do better tomorrow, mhmm. Since I'm pretty sure I did the worst today, congrats to everyone else, ahah.

Today: 5 points.

Overall for this month so far: 5 points.

6:46 pm
Day One of 2009
Hey everyone,
i am so excited that today is the start of the challenge. It is also day one of the abc diet for me...again. Anyways....my total points for today are 25.
Food: Under 750: +2(i went over 500 cals by like 20...boo!!)
Lost one pound: +3
Exercise: 1one and 20 minutes: +20
So ok, i hope everyone is doing good....
Think Thin and Stay Strong...

Current Mood: blank
8:56 pm
hmm day one
hey all,

fist day, not so good. I haven't managed to do much exercise and I had an extortionate number of kcals, 558 to be precise,

so i've only managed to earn

8 points today...how shit.

Never mind, will be able to do better tomorrow (hubby back at work) and hopefully i'll have lost something!

how was everyone's first day?

Happy new year btw!

Current Mood: disappointed
1:01 pm
New Years! First Post!
I cant believe the challenge is finally here! Lets start racking up the points everyone!! First things first, Starting stats!

HW: 142 lbs
CW: 119.5 lbs
LW: 119.5 lbs

GW1: 119 lbs <--- made it by new years! yay!
GW2: 109 lbs
GW3: 99 lbs
UGW: 89 lbs

Daily Average: 20 Points
Weekly average:  140 Points

Lets do this everyone!

~Chubby Chipmunk~

Current Mood: Ready To Go!
Saturday, December 20th, 2008
11:00 am
i am in...do we post points everyday?
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